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AWB Tracking

This form allows to view the list of the before created orders with the use of different terms of filtration, and also to open any of before created orders for viewing.

A form consists of two scratch areas: control the filter of the displayed orders panels and, actually, by the list of orders, meeting chosen conditions of filtration.

For filtration of the displayed list, correct necessary appearance the filter of orders in left part of screen and push the button to «Apply», a page will be overloaded and in right part of screen you will see orders, getting under the chosen terms of filtration. If orders on the set criteria will not be found – the system will inform you about it.

In order to go back to the terms of filtration by default – press the «Reset» button in a control of a filter panel.

If the amount of orders in a list exceeds the displayed sizes of screen, in the last line of list the panel of navigation will be displayed on a list. The buttons of panel of navigation have the following value:
<< - first page;
< - previous page;
> - next page;
>> - last page.
The digital buttons allow passing to the proper page of list.

In the next to last line of list of orders in the columns, displayed common amount of invoices in a list, common seating capacity in orders, their total actual, volume, chargeable weight and volume.

For viewing of the detailed information on the order click on the number of order (second column of list).