Aeroflot Cargo
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AWB Tracking

To create an order choose a menu item «New order». If you are not authorized, you will be asked to be authorized.

    In the opened form follows:
  • To fill the number of AWB (prefix and number is written in the separate input fields).
  • To specify the point of departure and point of destination (in the form of codes of cities or air-ports in IATA code , or typing the complete name of city)
  • To specify a number and date of flt on which a load will arrive for further truck delivery.
  • To specify SITA address of the company (if any).
  • To specify the complete route of the following of load, transferring the codes of cities of the following of load (dividing them a slash, for example, at ensuing of load from Shanghai to Düsseldorf via Frankfurt it is necessary to specify «PVG/FRA/DUS»).
  • To specify all numbers of flights of the following of load (dividing them a slash, for example, «UZ9814/UZ9705»).
  • To specify a number of pieces in to the invoice, physical weight in kilograms and volume of load in cube meters.
  • To specify the name of load on an air way bill.
  • To specify the sizes of load in a format: NumberOfPieces~/Length x Width x Height (in centimeters). For example, «10/40х40х25».
  • To specify a Shipper and Consignee (with address, telephone number, complete name of company).
  • To specify the address of delivery (with pointing of address, telephone number, complete name of company and contact person).
  • If you have some wishes or additional order information, specify them in an arbitrary form in the field «Comments».

It is further necessary to push the button «Create order». If you assumed an error – the system will notify you about it, if an order will be successfully incorporated in the system – you will get on a page «Orders list», where in the number of Your before registered will be the one created.

If you had problems during registration or creation of order, you can send a telegram in FFR format to the address -, but in this case you will not be able to look over history of orders and have an access to the form of online order.